By Tiera Willson, Hearing Aid News

Discover How These Affordable OTC Hearing Aids Are Revolutionizing the Market!
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Imagine struggling to hear your loved ones, missing out on important conversations, and the hefty price of traditional hearing aids keeping you from a solution. This frustrating reality is now being challenged by an innovative player in the hearing aid market: Absolute Hear.

Breaking the Corporate Mold

For 12 years, Greg Post worked for a leading hearing aid manufacturer, uncovering the industry's dirty secret:

premium hearing aids, marked up to $4,000, contained parts that cost a fraction of the price.

Furious at the exploitation, Greg quit his cushy job to start Absolute Hear.

His mission?

To deliver top-tier hearing aids without the insane markup.

By cutting out the middleman and selling factory-direct, Greg’s company ensures you get the best hearing technology at a fair price.

It's no wonder 96% of customers love the products and find no difference compared to the $4,000 models.

The Game-Changer in Hearing Technology

Absolute Hear has introduced the SoundElite CIC NanoCharge and SoundElite BTE Rechargeable hearing aids, products that promise high-quality hearing solutions at a fraction of the cost traditionally associated with premium hearing aids. What makes these devices so disruptive? Let’s dive into the details.

The SoundElite CIC NanoCharge 


All claims are made by Absolute Hear. Comparative data sourced from user reviews and product specifications.

The SoundElite CIC NanoCharge hearing aid is designed for those who demand clarity and precision in their auditory experiences.

Users rave about its ability to deliver sound quality comparable to devices priced at $4,000, yet it is available for just $199.

Key Features of SoundElite CIC NanoCharge:

- CIC (Completely-in-Canal) design for discretion

- FDA-approved for safety and effectiveness

- Advanced noise reduction technology

- Long-lasting rechargeable battery

- Multiple ear tip sizes for a custom fit

One satisfied customer shared, "I've tried hearing aids that cost thousands of dollars, and the SoundElite is on par with the best of them. It’s amazing to get such quality for this price."

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90 Days Risk-Free Trial | Free Worldwide Shipping | 2 Year Warranty

SoundElite BTE Rechargeable


All claims are made by Absolute Hear. Comparative data sourced from user reviews and product specifications.

For those who prefer the convenience of behind-the-ear (BTE) models, the SoundElite BTE Rechargeable is a perfect fit.

This model combines the same high-quality sound processing with the ease of rechargeable batteries.

No more fumbling with tiny batteries or worrying about running out of power at inconvenient times.

Key Features of SoundElite BTE Rechargeable:

- FDA-approved for safety and effectiveness

- Up to 35dB gain for mild to moderate hearing loss

- 48-hour battery life with a rechargeable case

- Crystal clear audio with advanced background noise cancellation

One user noted, "The rechargeable feature is a game-changer. I never have to worry about my hearing aids dying on me. Plus, the sound quality is phenomenal."

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90 Days Risk-Free Trial | Free Worldwide Shipping | 2 Year Warranty


In an industry often dominated by high prices and limited access, Absolute Hear is a breath of fresh air.

Their commitment to quality, affordability, and direct sales is changing the way we think about hearing aids.

Don’t let the high costs of traditional hearing aids keep you from enjoying life’s sounds. With SoundElite CIC Nanocharge and SoundElite BTE Rechargeable, top-tier hearing is now within your reach.

By Tiera Willson, Hearing Aid News

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